Company Policy


Polodej Co., as a large company executing heavy concrete and steel construction for protection and promotion of health level of individuals, protection of environment, company’s assets, improvement of service quality, promotion of customers satisfaction, organizational promotion, with commitment for improvement of performance quality, environmental, safety and professional health, sustainable development, observing all legal and related requirements, intends to perform activities & services by research, execution, protection and control of management systems based on ISO 9001: 2000, HSE MS E&P FORUM: 1994 in an efficient manner and is committed to comply with the following strategic goals:
1- Endeavor to attract costumer satisfaction by performing projects without unauthorized delay on basis of detailed time schedule
2- Promoting technical know- how for applying new executive methods, performing projects without past record for purpose of promoting executive capacities
3- Promoting managerial ability by training managers for purpose of promoting the company’s staff
4- Promoting productivity by assessing distribution result of invoices into the total man/ days for persons involved in present & future contract projects and endeavor to increase this coefficient


To achieve the above aims, the company is committed to move in the following scopes:

1- Development of human resources by creating culture, incentive, permanent & effective training and encouraging the staff
2- Continuous relationship with international organizations
3- Increasing the credit level of company in operating banks     
4- Concentrating executive power of the company in large projects
5- Creating safe, clean & healthy work environment & healthy work environment 
6- Developing process orientation approach in the company 
7- Promoting incentive among the staff by participation in the projects profits
8- Continuous improvement of quality & quantity of services & activities within framework of managerial systems
9- Reduction of risk to the lowest possible extent by preventive measures in order to minimize job accidents, injuries, diseases and preventing pollution.

The goal of the management and all staff is to obtain and maintain the best position in rendering their specialized services. Employees are the best assets of the company. It is expected that all staff and persons having access to the company’s work environments, be active in all qualitative, environmental, safety and professional health programs by team work and to inform the management about any deviation from this policy. 

Faith, incentive and participation of the staff in all levels are very important.

The management of the company undertakes to review at least once a year the qualitative, environment, safety, professional health (QHSE) performance, goals, programs and all requirement of above standards from aspects of suitability, adequacy and efficiency and to inform all staff and other beneficiaries about the results.
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